Sunset Rollercoaster 落日飛車


落日飛車 Sunset Rollercoaster,成立於 2009 年。目前團員有:國國(主唱/吉他)、弘禮(BASS)、小干(鍵盤)、鳥人(節奏樂器、電子鼓)、浩庭(薩克斯風)與尊龍(爵士鼓)。

最早是電子雙人組合,玩的是實驗電子音樂,隔年蛻變成三人編制的搖滾樂隊,直到2011年後參加Summer Sonic後,於同年9月發行第一張專輯《芭莎諾娃 Bossa Nova》之後就暫停活動。沈寂五年後,歷經團員的更動,曲風從以往 60 年代的車庫搖滾漸轉為 70 年代的成人抒情,2016年初發行EP《金桔希子 Jinji Kikko》。2018年西洋情人節發行最新專輯《卡薩諾瓦 Cassa Nova 半熟王子》後,航道開始巡向海外,於歐洲、美洲、亞洲展開巡迴、也陸續在各地城市音樂節演出。2019年將發行全新單曲,並舉辦更完整的世界巡迴,敬請期待。

Sunset Rollercoaster is a 6-piece synth-pop band from Taiwan, including members: Tseng Kuo-Hung (vocal / guitar), Chen Hung-Li (bass), Lo Tsun-Lung (drum), Wang Shao-Hsuan (keyboard), Huang Shih-Wei (drum pads / percussion) and Huang Hao-Ting (Saxophone). The band is known for their 80s style of breezy and chilled out music with incredible live performances. Being one of the most romantic bands from Asia, fans nicknamed the band’s genre as “pregnantal rock.”

The band’s debut album “Bossa Nova” was self-released in 2011, with immediate critical acclaim. After majorly touring in Asia, including playing at Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, the band went on a hiatus, where each member focused on other musical projects.

In 2015, Sunset Rollercoaster reunited and released the ground-breaking EP “Jinji Kikko” in the following year. The band then toured around Asia with sold out shows in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan. They also went on the first US tour, in which the band played at SummerStage Festival in Central Park.

The band’s latest full-length album “Cassa Nova” was released in 2018, followed by a world tour in Asia, North America and Europe. In the same year, Sunset Rollercoaster joined Rogue Agency and ATC Live to expand its touring presence.

With more than 7,000,000 plays on streaming platforms and being featured on Audiotree, Boston Herald, ResidentAdvisor and Bandcamp, Sunset Rollercoaster is ready to take off in 2019 with a new EP and a new round of world tour.